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Tuesday and Wednesday, August 20-21, 2019

HYATT REGENCY by Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

     Encapsulated Ingredients can be cost-effective and functional tools for formulators, but all encapsulated ingredients may not perform similarly, even when ingredient statements are similar or identical! 
     The 21st Encapsulation Workshop will take place in August (see below program) where industry experts will explain the various processes that can encapsulate (isolate) an ingredient as well as explain the survival and release properties that the various processes can create – so that YOU can better select the right ingredient for your current or future challenges.
     Applications in Bakery, Meat, Confections, Beverages, Nutrition, Dietary Supplements and more will be discussed.  Challenges to meet consumer demands for clean-labels, long shelf-life, convenience, great/unique-taste and similar challenges will also be discussed.
     It is a practical crash course for food ingredient formulators, technical and plant personnel and provides the opportunity for experienced participants to meet experts in the field to discuss their current problems and enhance their product innovation or plant operation. Program is also designed for recent graduates and newcomers to food, pharma and dietary supplement industries who desire to be familiar with particle technology and microencapsulation.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Registration Opens
Welcome by Introductions, Dr. Sefa Koseoglu, President, Bioactives World Forum, USA
Microencapsulation Overview for the Food and Beverage Industries, Dr. Robert M. Sobel, Vice President of Research and Innovation, FONA International Inc. USA
Update on Materials Used in Microencapsulation, Dr. Gary Reineccius, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA
Benchtop Encapsulation Technology: Development and Scale-up for Spray Drying, Ms. Debra Repko, Product Manager-Spray Drying and Encapsulation, BUCHI Corporation, USA
10:00 Tea / Coffee Break
Particle Size Characterization, Dr. Jeff Bodycomb, Product Line Manager, Horiba, USA
Microencapsulation Technologies, Dr. James Oxley, Staff Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, USA
Box Lunch
Departure from hotel to Food Science and Nutrition Department, University of Minnesota, MN
Demonstration of Microencapsulation of Flavor Ingredients: Pilot Plant Dryer - Food Science and Nutrition Department, University of Minnesota
Departure from Food Science and Nutrition Department, University of Minnesota to AVEKA, facility in Woodbury, MN
Arrival at AVEKA, Inc. for Demonstrations
  • Agglomeration & Blending
  • Alginate Encapsulation
  • Prilling & Screening
  • Spray Drying & Wurster Coating
  • Surface Modification by MAIC
  • Jet Milling / Bead Milling
  • Analytical & Quality Assurance Methods Used in Microencapsulation
BBQ Dinner Hosted by AVEKA
Bus leaves AVEKA, for return to hotel
Bus arrives at hotel (Estimated time of arrival at hotel depends on traffic)
Class Class Class
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
7:30 Registration
8:30 Fundamentals and Opportunities in Flavor Encapsulation, Dr. Robert M. Sobel, Vice President of Research and Innovation, FONA International Inc. USA
9:00 Starch and Gum Acacia for Encapsulation: Structure, Functionality and Performance in Certain Applications, Dr. Yvonne Jin, Ingredion, USA
9:30 Creating Encap Ingredients via Coacervation and Chemical Processing, Dr. James Oxley, Staff Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, USA
10:00 Economics of Various Controlled Release Processes, Dr. James Oxley, Staff Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, USA
10:30 Tea / Coffee Break
11:00 Aroma Microencapsulation: Twin Screw Extrusion and Extrusion Porosification Technologies with Case Studies,, Mr. Jose Coelho, President, Clextral USA
11:30 Alternative Coatings etc., Dr. Robert M. Sobel, Vice President of Research and Innovation, FONA International Inc. USA
12:00 A Case Study: Increasing the Value of CoQ10 with the Use of Nanoencapsulation Technology,
Mr. Charlie Brain, President and CEO, 3i Solutions, USA
12:30 Networking Lunch
14:00 The Three Big Issues of Microencapsulation: Water, Oxygen and Heat, Dr. Willie Hendrickson, CEO/Founder, AVEKA, Inc, USA
14:30 Encapsulation of Hydrocolloids to Optimize Solubilizing Properties, Mr. Derek Holthaus, Scientist, TIC Gums, USA
15:00 Tea / Coffee Break - Products Tastings

Food Products Tastings
- Chocolate and chews with encapsulated Omega-3’s
- Beef sticks and sour candies using encapsulated acidulants
- Chocolate bars with encapsulated pro-biotics
- Flavor Beadlet Demonstration
- Chewing gums using encapsulated flavors/sweeteners / acids
- Canned dough biscuits and rolls using encapsulated leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate)
- CoQ10 Taste and Palatability

15:30 Encapsulation of Vitamins and Minerals for Food Applications, Mr. Al Vega, Nutrition R&D Manager, Watson, USA
16:00 Microencapsulation Applications in Baking, Meat and Confections, Mr. Walter Zackowitz, Consultant, USA
16:30 Relevant Parameters Affecting Continuous and Batch Fluid Bed Encapsulation Processes, Dr. Stephan Sternowsky, Director Technology, Neuhaus Neotec, Germany
17:00 Program Ends

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