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17th Industrial MICROENCAPSULATION Workshops
May 17, 2018
MICROENCAPSULATION - Chemistry, Technologies, Economics, and Materials and Plant Visit

InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe, Hamburg, Germany

17th Industrial MICROENCAPSULATION Workshops

MICROENCAPSULATION - Chemistry, Technologies, Economics,
and Materials and Plant Visit

May 17, 2018

InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe, Hamburg, Germany
In Cooperation with

This course provides a comprehensive summary of Microencapsulation chemistry, review of processing steps, and materials. Economics of product development will be also discussed Speakers from industry and academia will review use of different materials and their effect on stability, loading and product quality. Designed for recent graduates and newcomers to food, pharma and dietary supplement industries, processors; product formulators; chemists and technicians; and marketers and business managers who desire to be familiar with Microencapsulation


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Advanced Oil Processing

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Thursday, May 17, 2018
Registration Opens
Welcome by Mr. Torsten Wywiol, SternMaid GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, and Introductions by
Dr. Sefa Koseoglu, Bioactives Wold, USA
Market Review of Microencapsulated Ingredients and Current Applications in Nutraceutical, Traditional and Functional Foods, Dr. Marc Meyers, Balchem USA
Fundamentals of Granulation and Agglomeration, Dr. Michael Jacob, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik Gmbh, Germany
Materials Used in Encapsulating Bioactives, Prof. Dr. Stephan Drusch Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Tea / Coffee Break
Creating Encap Ingredients via Coacervation and Chemical Processing, Dr. James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, USA
Microencapsulation of Active ingredients Via Extrusion Technology, Dr. Robert M. Sobel, FONA International Inc. USA
The Importance of Laboratory Scale Instruments in Formulation, Dr. David Ruetti, BUCHI Labortechnik AG, Switzerland
Networking Lunch
Matrix Encapsulation of “Sub Micron Particles”, Dr. Rolf Tona, Erbo Spraytec AG, Switzerland
Economics of Various Controlled Release Processes, Dr. James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, USA
Bus leaves InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe for SternMaid, Wittenburg, Germany
15:00 PLANT VISIT - SternMaid, Wittenburg, Germany

5 Stations allocated at different places of SternMaid Plant – approx. 25 Min. each
Station 1: Fluidized bed lab plant - Practical Demonstration regarding encapsulated hydrocolloids
Station 2: Fluidized bed production plant
Station 3: Food blending area – Encapsulation by Lödige blender – Cheap process for food and
feed commodities - Practical Demonstration regarding encap. by fat coating with example of
sugar, salt, ascorbic acid or minerals
Station 4:
Charles Brain – CoQ10 presentations and product tasting
Gary Gray – Chocolate Taste demonstration

Station 5: Benchtop Spray Drying Microencapsulation Technology

BBQ Dinner near SternMaid
Leave for InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe
Arrive hotel (Estimate based on traffic conditions)
Day 1 Ends
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18th Industrial MICROENCAPSULATION Workshops

MICROENCAPSULATION - Applications, Case Studies and Product Tasting
May 18, 2018
InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe, Hamburg, Germany
In Cooperation with

This course will cover microapplication applications, case studies and product tasting using commercially available samples. It is a practical crash course for marketing, technical and plant personnel, and it also provides the opportunity for experienced participants to meet experts in the field to discuss their current problems and enhance their product innovation or plant operation. Designed for Product Formulators, Technicians, R&D Engineers, Engineering Supervisors, QA Technicians, Project Engineers, Process Improvement Engineers, Business Development Managers, and Sales and Marketing Specialists.


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7:30 Registration


8:30 Microencapsulation of Aerogels for Food and Pharma Applications, Prof. Stefan Heinrich, and
Mrs. M. Monika Goslinska, Institute of Solids, Process Engineering and Particle Technology, Technical University, Hamburg, Germany
9:00 Resistant Encapsulation of Particles - Ph-Controlled Release, Dr. Mahmud Yunis, Biogrund, Germany
9:30 Relevant Parameters Affecting Continuous and Batch Fluid Bed Encapsulation Processes,
Dr. Stephan Sternowsky, Neuhaus Neotec, Germany
10:00 Innovative Emulsions & Microencapsulation with Carbohydrates and Natural Extracts,
Dr. Fred Heinze, Ingredion Germany GmbH, Germany
10:30 Tea / Coffee Break - Review of Pharma and Dietary Supplement Products
11:00 Encapsulation of Vitamins and Minerals for Food Applications, Ms. Lena Kampehl, SternVitamin, Germany
11:30 Cost Effective Encapsulation by Blending Technology Under Vacuum Atmosphere,
Mr. Sebastian Steinkamp, Technical Sales and Distribution, Life Science Technologies. Gebrüder Lödige, Germany
12:00 A Case Study: Increasing the Value of CoQ10 with the Use of Nanoencapsulation Technology, Mr. Charles Brain, Ingredients Innovations Intl., USA


12:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 Volatile Retention of Flavor Ingredients by Matrix Encapsulation, Dr. Robert M. Sobel, FONA International Inc. USA
14:00 Encapsulation of Hydrocolloids to Optimize Solubilizing Properties, Mr. Jörg Vernau, SternMaid GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
14:30 Stability Issues Be Gone - Removing Smell, Taste, Losses with Perfectly Round Capsules Made by Vibrational Drip Casting, Dr. Christian Augustin, Brace GmbH. Germany
15:00 Tea / Coffee Break - Products Tastings
15:30 Food Products Tastings, Dr. Marc Meyers, Balchem, USA
Chocolate and chews with encapsulated Omega-3’s; Beef sticks and sour candies using encapsulated acidulants; Chocolate bars with encapsulated pro-biotics; Flavor Beadlet Demonstration; Miscellaneous encapsulated materials and flavor beads; Chewing Gums Using Encapsulated Flavors/Sweeteners / Acids; Canned Dough Biscuits and Rolls Using Encapsulated Leavening (Sodium Bicarb.); Chocolate Bars with Encapsulated Pro-biotics; Chocolate and chews with encapsulated Omega-3’s; Beef sticks and sour candies Using encapsulated acidulants; Chocolate bars with encapsulated pro-biotics; Miscellaneous encapsulated Materials and flavor beads,
16:00 Options for Flavour Microencapsulation with Case Studies in Chocolate, Dr Gary Gray, Technical Manager, TasteTech, UK
16:30 Application of Flavor Encapsulation in Chewing Gum, Dr. Marc Meyers, Balchem USA
17:00 Enhancing Therapeutic Value to Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Products, Dr. Marc Meyers, Balchem USA
17:30 Program Ends
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